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Open source markketplace for art and business communities

Built on top of medusaJS, join the small business revolution

Built on top of medusaJS, join the small business revolution

We are thrilled to introduce Markketplace, an innovative open source marketplace tool built on top of MedusaJS. Designed to empower both communities and individuals, Markketplace offers a versatile platform for launching and managing online stores, either independently or within a broader community.

What is Markketplace?

Markketplace is more than just a marketplace platform; it’s a comprehensive ecosystem that allows you to:

  • Run Your Own Store: Whether you’re an artist, entrepreneur, or small business owner, you can launch your own store and manage it seamlessly.

  • Join Existing Instances: Individuals can sell their products within an existing Markketplace instance, benefiting from the community’s visibility and infrastructure.

  • Enable Community Marketplaces: Communities can create their own marketplaces, supporting local artisans, collectives, and groups like Morir Soniando.

Key Features

Seamless Instance Communication

One of the standout features of Markketplace is the ability for instances to communicate with each other using our extensions. This enables:

  • Referral Links: Drive traffic and sales across different stores and instances.

  • Aggregators: Combine products from multiple stores into a single, cohesive shopping experience.

  • Collections and Collaborations: Foster collaborations between different store owners, creating unique product collections and joint ventures.

  • Single-Point Management: Store owners can manage all their stores and instances from a single, intuitive interface.

  • Sell services and subscriptions: For professionals, consultants or associations, create digital packages with webhooks and plugins to better serve your partners.

Versatile Integrations

Markketplace is designed to be highly adaptable, with support for:

  • Print on Demand Plugins: Easily integrate with print-on-demand services to offer customizable products without holding inventory.

  • Back Office Management: Vendors can efficiently manage their inventory, orders, and customer interactions directly within the platform.

Compliance and Industry Support

We are actively working on additional compliance features to support services for medical providers and other regulated industries. This will enable Markketplace to cater to a wider range of users, ensuring that we meet the necessary standards for privacy, security, and operational requirements.

Why Choose Markketplace?

Markketplace is built with the following principles in mind:

  • Open Source: Our commitment to open source means that you have full control over your marketplace. Customize, extend, and innovate without restrictions.

  • Community-Centric: We believe in the power of communities. Markketplace is designed to support collectives and groups, enabling them to thrive together.

  • Scalable and Flexible: Whether you’re a single store owner or managing a large community marketplace, Markketplace scales with your needs.

Get Started with Markketplace

We invite you to join our journey and explore the possibilities with Markketplace. Whether you’re an individual looking to start your own store, a community leader aiming to support local businesses, or a developer eager to contribute to an exciting open source project, there’s a place for you in the Markketplace ecosystem.

Visit our GitHub repository to get started, and join our Slack for support, collaboration, and updates.

Together, we can create a thriving marketplace that benefits everyone. Welcome to Markketplace!

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