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Calima Summit - NYC Tech Week

Connect with LatinAmerican business and tech leaders in Brooklyn during NYC Tech Week

Connect with LatinAmerican business and tech leaders in Brooklyn during NYC Tech Week

Brooklyn June 4 - 6, 2024

​Join us during NYC Tech Week to connect with Latin-American business leaders and nearshoring providers.

​We’re hosting industry leaders from different sectors to promote innovative partnerships and unlock capital for teams with disruptive ideas.

​Panels and workshops by active experts in their fields, including AI, marketing, incorporation and operations, healthcare tech, community, venture capital, and startup readiness.

​This is a participatory event where everyone is encouraged to co-create a memorable experience and actionable opportunities to accelerate innovation and growth in the region.

​Club Calima promotes Colombian business values and works to create stronger ties between the USA and Latin America.

​Colombia is a welcoming hub for business in the region, with multiple agencies offering technical talent and expertise in navigating legislative and cultural barriers.

​Detailed information about the sessions will be available on our website and provided via email updates.

​Message us for scholarship opportunities.

​Participants are encouraged to visit for the week and attend other events organized by our friends in the city.

About the Event

  • 2 days of business content
  • Networking happy hours
  • Artists and sponsor
  • Additional events around town by NYC Tech Week
  • Speakers, panels and workshops
  • Side events, networking opportunities, tours of NYC and tech companies
  • Happy hours, latinx snacks, culture and entertainment
  • Sessions in English and Spanish
  • Press opportunities, recording space and promotional spaces
  • Audiviosual producers
  • Live music and performances
  • Join an exclusive international business community

Our Audience

Guests from Colombia, México, Australia, Nueva York, Miami, Londres, San Francisco and more.

Decision makers interested in:

  • Nearshoring service providers (engineering, marketing, sales, …)
  • Startup and business founders
  • Business association representatives
  • International startup community leaders
  • Real estate developers
  • VCs and angel investors
  • Podcast hosts and writers


  • Give space to participants and partners to celebrate and announce new initiatives
  • Promote international business collaboration
  • Showcase Colombian businesses
  • Launch a strong new community
  • Concrete collaboration opportunities

Destination Brooklyn

  • Diverse business community with international approach
  • It nears multiple airports, the financial district of Manhattan, beautiful parks and landscapes
  • Engaged tech ecosystem, investors, founders and operators
  • Welcoming of international visitors with ample space for growth

Business Opportunities

  • Business vendors for services like lawyers, accounting, product development and sales
  • Learn about contracting opportunities, grants and incentives
  • Tech participants include founders, investors and operators
  • Learn about nearshoring and hiring top talent from latin america
  • Marketing and sales experts offering office hours
  • Opportunities to sponsor and present during panels, or at booths during the conference
  • Photographers and recordings of some sessions
  • Connect with influencers and managers
  • Connect with community leaders and organizers

Networking and Collaboration

  • Multiple networking breaks and opportunities
  • After hour events
  • Workshops and sessions in english and spanish with relevant topics
  • Office hours
  • Q&A sessions

Hotel and rooms

Book a hotel near Industry City

Book a hotel in Williamsburg

Book a hotel in Downtown Brooklyn


Tickets and Participation

Register in Lu.ma ($100)

Reach out for participation opportunities


Club Calima - NYC Tech week summit - Sponsor deck

Looking forward to seeing you!

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