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Club Calima - strategy for a better wellness industry

Our strategy is rooted in open source principles, interoperability, and active participation in community discussions.

Our strategy is rooted in open source principles, interoperability, and active participation in community discussions.

the thing about control, is that is easy. Control. Safe, predictable, boring. If you wanna achieve something, you gotta aim for something

— Pinball

Club Calima: Our Strategy for Transforming Healthcare and Business

Club Calima was founded by executives who grew up in Colombia with good grades and have experienced healthcare systems from multiple perspectives.

With firsthand knowledge of traditional healing practices and access to curanderos, as well as connections to prominent eastern healers like Deepak Chopra, our founders bring a unique blend of cultural and medical insights.

In the U.S., they have navigated the complexities of early-stage healthcare startups, mastering the technical, legal, logistical, cybersecurity, and business aspects required for success.

Our Strategic Approach

Our strategy is rooted in open source principles, interoperability, and active participation in community discussions.

We recognize the federal government and large corporations’ substantial investments in data capture and standardization. Currently, much data is wasted due to its inaccessibility for studies or being trapped in network silos.

By creating companies that generate revenue and qualify for these incentives, we offer products that are easy to market. We also invest in training and leadership development, fostering communities of founders and operators committed to each other’s success.

Questions to Guide Your Strategic Thinking

To ensure that our efforts are always aligned with our mission, we encourage our members and business leaders to ask themselves the following questions:

  1. Vision and Goals:
  • What is your long-term vision?
  • What is your endgame? Is there a playbook?
  • What are your guiding principles?
  1. Innovation and Impact:
  • How do we incubate industry experts who want to be founders or operators?
  • How can we develop technology that has a positive impact in our communities?
  • How can we measure and audit the impact we have in our communities?
  • How can we iterate faster?
  • How do we exercise ownership of our companies, provide equity to our employees, offer democratic participation options, and remain as viable investments?
  • How do we create fair packages that reduce sales cycles?
  1. Collaboration and Partnerships:
  • Who are the key stakeholders and partners we need to engage with to achieve our goals?
  • How can we foster stronger collaborations and partnerships within our network?
  1. Sustainability and Growth:
  • What strategies can we implement to ensure the sustainability of our projects and initiatives?
  • How can we engage the latinx and immigrant communities to develop new ecosystems?
  • How can we leverage grants and incentives to develop new business leaders?
  • How can we leverage our partnerships to support more projects at once?
  1. Data and Insights:
  • How can we effectively utilize data to inform our decisions and improve outcomes?
  • What measures can we take to ensure the security and privacy of the data we handle?
  • How can we engage the community in the development and analysis process?
  1. Community and Support:
  • How can we build a supportive and inclusive community that nurtures growth and development?
  • What resources and support do our members need to succeed?
  • How do you actually prioritize when everything feels urgent?

Our Initiatives

At Club Calima, we are currently developing our own applications to store patient data and apply industry standards, as well as markketplace, leveraging open source solutions, infrastructure, back office and fintech solutions from our partners.

Startup Incubator

We have numerous ideas in incubation, some already in the market.

During 2024 we’ll announce a fundraising round, and continue focused on generating more revenue to expand our operations and manage more startups simultaneously.

Designing SASS and consumer products that can interaoperate, and a community of operators.

Work Spaces and Trainings

With this revenue and investments, we’ll open physical spaces where our communities can meet, providing employment and career development opportunities to artists, healers, and their communities.

Our country club, office space, and media production studio will create high-quality content that benefits all the members and coincides with seasonal changes.

Marketing and media production

The business summits and meetups keep the community connected and updated on the best playbooks and resources for their current objectives. New members quickly feel at home.


If you share our vision and are passionate about transforming healthcare and business through strategic thinking and collaboration, we invite you to join us.

Reach out to us for actionable ways to collaborate, share your insights, and become an integral part of Club Calima’s journey towards a better future. hola[at]caliman.org.

Club Calima Wellness Strategy

Deepak Chopra and our family in Cali, Colombia

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