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Calima Summit - Happy Hour March 27 2024

Connect with LatinAmerican business and tech leaders in Brooklyn, NY

Connect with LatinAmerican business and tech leaders in Brooklyn, NY


Manhattan, NY - March 27 2024 - Happy Hour

Connect LatinAmerican business leaders with the NYC+ tech industry in Brooklyn

Hosting leaders from industries to promote innovative partnerships and unlock capital for teams with ambitious ideas.

​Panels and workshops by active experts in their fields, including AI, marketing, incorporation and operations, healthcare tech, community, venture capital and startup readiness.

​This is a participatory event where everyone is encouraged to co-create a memorable experience, actionable opportunities to accelerate innovation and growth in the region.

​Club Calima is a community for executives from Colombia aspiring to create stronger ties with their peers in the US and Latin America.

​Colombia is a welcoming hub for business in the region, with an availability of technical talent and expertise in navigating legislative and cultural barriers.

​Details about the schedule will be added as confirmed. Registrants will receive email updates and invitations to engage pre-event.

​Message us for scholarship opportunities.

About the Event

  • 2 days of content
  • Speakers, panels and workshops
  • Side events, networking opportunities, tours of NYC and tech companies
  • Happy hours, latinx snacks, culture and entertainment
  • At the beginning of the week, easier for participants to enjoy extra days in the area
  • Sessions in English and Spanish
  • Press opportunities, podcast space and promotional spaces
  • Photos and videos
  • Join an exclusive international business community

Our Audience

Guests from Colombia, México, Nueva York, Miami, Londres, San Francisco and more, decision makers interested in:

  • Nearshoring service providers (engineering, marketing, sales, …)
  • Startup and business founders
  • Business association representatives
  • International startup community leaders
  • Real estate developers
  • VCs and angel investors
  • Podcast hosts and writers


  • Give space to participants and partners to celebrate and announce new initiatives
  • Promote international business collaboration
  • Showcase Colombian businesses
  • Launch a strong new community
  • Concrete collaboration opportunities

Destination Brooklyn

  • Diverse business community with international approach
  • It nears multiple airports, the financial district of Manhattan, beautiful parks and landscapes
  • Engaged tech ecosystem, investors, founders and operators
  • Welcoming of international visitors with ample space for growth

Business Opportunities

  • Business vendors for services like lawyers, accounting, product development and sales
  • Learn about contracting opportunities, grants and incentives
  • Tech participants include founders, investors and operators
  • Learn about nearshoring and hiring top talent from latin america
  • Marketing and sales experts offering office hours
  • Opportunities to sponsor and present during panels, or at booths during the conference
  • Photographers and recordings of some sessions
  • Connect with influencers and managers
  • Connect with community leaders and organizers

Networking and Collaboration

  • Multiple networking breaks and opportunities
  • After hour events
  • Workshops and sessions in english and spanish with relevant topics
  • Office hours
  • Q&A sessions

Hotel and rooms

Book a hotel near Industry City


  • Solas Bar

Tickets and Participation

Register in Lu.ma ($100)

Reach out for participation opportunities

Looking forward to seeing you!

Community Partners

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