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Club calima - the largest latinx
executive community

Promoting international collaboration by inviting business leaders from different nations to collaborate.

Nos encanta reirnos en el club calima

At Club Calima, we are an international and exclusive community of experienced executives and providers who understand the challenges and excitement of running a business. Whether you want to hire our execs for strategic insights, chat about the latest industry trends, or get customized solutions tailored to your unique needs, we’ve got you covered. Our members also offer exclusive access to trials, resources, and premium discounts.

Join us to become part of a select network that supports your journey from inception to success. Let us be your trusted ally on this exciting and confidential adventure.


Consolidar una comunidad justa y equitativa, que proporcione las condiciones necesarias para el ejercicio de los derechos y deberes constitucionales, mediante la prestación oportuna de los Bienes, Obras y Servicios en procura del mejoramiento del bienestar y la calidad de vida de los miembros.

To consolidate a fair and equitable community, which provides the necessary conditions for the exercise of constitutional rights and duties, through the timely provision of Goods, Works and Services in order to improve the well-being and quality of life of members.


Seremos reconocidos en el ámbito nacional e internacional por nuestros esfuerzos para mejorar la calidad de vida, con armónica relación ecológica y ambiental, por una apuesta por la revitalización productiva y empresarial, por los avances en transformar la matriz energética hacia fuentes alternativas, por los procesos culturales y deportivos de alto valor, por una apuesta de paz y reconciliación, por el reconocimiento ciudadano respetuoso de la diversidad y por los avances relacionados con la protección y expansión solidaria de la vida en todas sus manifestaciones

We will be recognized in the national and international sphere for our work to improve quality of life, with a harmonious ecological and environmental relationship, for a commitment to productive and business revitalization, for advances in transforming the energy matrix towards alternative sources, for cultural and sports processes of high value, for a commitment to peace and reconciliation, for respectful citizen recognition of diversity and for advances related to the protection and solidarity expansion of life in all its manifestations.

Our programs

We graduated from business school with pretty good grades. now we're using our knowledge to help small business owners make it in this competitive world.

Event production

Conferences, summits, panels and community productions to advance our common goals

Fractional executives

Some of our members can make themselves available to help you with your business

Workforce development

Workshops and coaching services to level up

Fun and Workspaces

Physical and virtual spaces for collaboration and fun

Country Club

Inclussive access to exclusive spaces

Our values

Our values are descriptive of our culture and evolving

  • 1

    Big family

    Our community values creative cooperation and collaboration

  • 2

    Constant Improvement

    The only way forward is faster

  • 3

    Ethical Practices

    Convivencia, colaboración y lealtad


Our values help us to create the future we want to experience

Code of Conduct

Un comportamiento ético implica, entre otros aspectos, respeto, honestidad, responsabilidad y empatía

Portfolio & Partners

Business suppliers and partners in our community publicly open for business