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Portfolio & Clients

The following are startups being advised or created by our team.

Calima Business Marketplace

E-commerce backoffice services for vendors, powered by open source tools and friendly partners like Stripe.

Events, newsletter, and marketing opportunities for business in the network to grow together.

Creating AWS infrastructure that integrates with your tools. For select partners, HIPPA compliance is offered to support healthcare operations.

Morir Soñando

Artist marketplace for members of our collective. Supported by the Calima Marketplace in MedusaTS.

Morir Soniando Instagram

Proxie Health

Proxie Health is a healthcare coordination service, with human agents and interoperability APIs to improve patient outcomes. Powered by two medplum instances and our custom interoperability libraries.

Sandoval Collab

Mental health practitioners and ketamine assited therapy

Sandoval Collab Community Resources

Siembra Today

Non-profit organization devoted to transforming the lives of our community by providing accessible mental health and wellness support

Siembra today homepage


PhaseZero is a HIPPA compliant messaging service, with dashboards and rest APIs to enable healthcare services to go to market faster.

PhaseZero Website


AWSM STUDIO is a consultancy service that specializes in providing support and expertise to startup founders.

Lotus AI

Lotus is an additional layer on top of Medplum to offer additional features to select partners

Lotus docs


Claimpower is a healthcare billing platform, loved by family medical practices.

Claimpower About us

Partners & Service providers

When launching a startup every provider that you pick becomes your partner, is important to use reliable tools that can adapt to your budget and support the user load without adding unnecesary overhead to your team.

Our engineers can help you through the decision

Forecastr - Chief Financial Office

Forecastr is an out-of-the-box finance function for your business. We help you make better decisions and succeed in fundraising.

Forecastr website

Medplum EMR

Electronic Medical Records, with APIs & growing library of examples & components.

Our engineers can manage your deployment and implementation to power your healthcare products and get to market faster.

Medusa E-commerce

Backend and growing library of components to create custom e-commerce products. We use it as backend for our marketplace.



Datadog is a monitoring and security platform for developers, IT operations teams and business users in the cloud age. Our engineers can monitor your implementation and apply lessons from the insights.

Datadog getting started

Baires Dev

Access thousands of prevetted software engineers and product professionals. Streamlined process, book a discovery call. We’ll discuss team structure and approach, success criteria, timescale, budget, and required skill sets to see how we can help.

Baires Dev Website

AWS & Activate

With our partner code you can receive up to 10.000 USD in additional credits to launch your MVP faster when you apply for AWS activate.

Additionally we can help you navigate AWS and get exposure inside with other AWS sales reps, other programs and experts.

AWS Activate

Digital Ocean

For a quick launch and fast iteration, we recommend using Digital Ocean. Get a droplet online and connected to your source code in a few minutes. Domains and Let’s encrypt included.

Digital Ocean fosters an active technical community, organizing events, supporting open source projects and hosting tutorials and forums.

Digital Ocean for Startups


Managed cloud solutions, server space, company email and multiple tools to outsource your IT and network operations and support your team.


INSART fintech engineering

Talented sofware engineers with experience developing products for financial services


Pygma Fintech Accelerator

Pygma is the leading incubator for fintech startups from latin America, looking to create an international network of founders providing financial services for the ecosystem.

Pygma Homepage

Legal services for startups and fund managers.

Hoyos & Associates Law Website


Virtual Assistants and remote professional recruiting in Latin America.

Virtustant Homepage

Martha Razo

Martha is a business consultant and event producer in the Chicago area.

Martha Razo website


Talented engineers, product and business leaders experienced in healthcare products. Open source & interoperability.

Techstars Startup Weekend

Learn how to create a startup in 3 days of workshops with mentors, pitch to investors and get actionable feedback to create a roadmap to get to market, and join a global network of startup enthusiasts.

Apply to run an event in your local community.

Techstars Startup Weekend

Google Workspace, Google Cloud, Google For Startups, Google Developer Groups

Request our referral code for a small discount, help navigating the available plans.

Google workspace Landing Page and Email for startups

Enter your full name to get a personalized link for scheduling, e-mail and more.

Zoho Mail

Free mail with your domain name, for 5 or fewer users.

Zoho mail

HUE Capital

Hue Capital is a business media and tech platform providing digestible, AI-powered career and business content to rising industry experts and thought leaders. Through the platform, professionals, founders and innovators are preparing for the Future of Work

Hue Capital Kinnected Company directory