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Our values help us to create the future we want to experience

Nuestra comunidad es muy importante


We all belong here

To define a single Latin archetype is impossible - we are not a monolith. We are multicultural, multiethnic, multiracial and carry our cultura heritage in unique and personal ways. Each one of us holds an incredible, distinctive story and we gather together to celebrate our individuality, while we also honor the intersections we may share. We are connected to Pachamama, we are connected to Abya Yala, and we are here to learn from each other's journeys as we explore our own.

Speak from the “I”

This agreement, “Speaking from the “I”,” invites us to be mindful about making generalizations about others’ experiences. Rather than saying “You know how…” (maybe we don’t know!) or using the second person to describe what happened, try to come back to “I” statements - “I feel that all community agreements always work for me.” It means owning our own perspectives, which can be surprisingly empowering. Things change for us when we’re grounded in and committed to our own experience.

Take space/make space

If you’re someone who hasn’t been speaking up in a communal space, consider expanding yourself to open up and share your thoughts and feelings, even if it feels like a risk. If you are someone who often talks a lot or has been speaking up in a group setting, consider making space to allow airtime for others. Not everyone will take up the same amount of airtime on every topic, and that’s okay.

Honor confidentiality

If you want to talk more about something brought up in an emotional space, it is good to check first whether that person wants to talk about what they said. A recent suggestion we like is stories that are shared here, stay here, and lessons that are learned here don’t only stay here.

Trust intent, tend to impact

We can assume people have good intentions, AND acknowledge any negative impact and hurt done. People on both sides of an interaction can be aware of intent and impact: that sometimes even if someone’s heart is in the right place they can say something that hurts someone else, and that a negative impact on me doesn’t equal ill will from you. Unintended consequences will happen and it’s ok. The point is not to avoid difficult moments, and instead use them as an opportunity to communicate, listen and grow. Don’t strive to be perfect, strive to be real and learn.

Try it on

A good way to learn, grow, and stay engaged - in discussions, in community, in life - is to try on new thoughts and points of view. It might mean trying on an activity or a game or a song or a style that is challenging for you with a positive attitude and openness. In a workshop, it might mean truly trying on an idea or topic that you disagree with at first – knowing that you can take it or leave it afterwards.

Listen to understand (versus listen to advise)

As it is our intention to create a safe space and container of bravery, we seek to practice active listening with the aim of understanding. This is different from listening to advise another group member or offer any unrequested feedback. This agreement reminds us to arrive with an open mind as well as an open heart.

Lead with curiosity

In the spirit of learning, we lead with curiosity and interest - for each other, ourselves, and our collective learning experience. As we approach new ideas or experiences, we encourage introspection and the practice of self inquiry: What does this new idea offer me? How might it be different from what I know or believe? What could I learn from this - in general or about myself?

Take care of your needs

Protecting your peace and your needs is one of our greatest priorities. As an organization that seeks to elevate the importance of wellness in all realms of life, please listen to the needs of your body, mind, and heart. Let us know how we can support you and accommodate your needs during our sessions together (and offline too!).

We are wise, share your wisdom

You have so much to offer from your lived experience as well as from the wisdom within you from your ancestors. An idea we like to remember is, “there is no one like you, there has never been anyone like you, and there will never be anyone like you”. Please arrive as YOU - share your story, your wisdom, and your journey with us. It is our greatest hope that as we learn and grow together, we may all arrive as our whole selves to reflect our strengths back to one another and rise higher than ever before.