Club Ejecutivo Calima - Jersey City

Connecting and creating latinx executives and industry leaders to generate wealth for our communities



What you can find in our space

Business, Art, Global Family

Flexible workspace

Holistic startup and business space


For Colombian and latinx executives, government envoys, investors, founders and friends

International community

Repeatable and scalable with network effect

Social clubs

Events and workshops to benefit the wider community

Multimedia studio

Collaborate with artists to support your creative needs

Bienvenido a Jersey City

Club Calima is an exclusive multicultural, open, inviting, and inclusive community

Jersey City

Culture, Commerce, Community


Perfect location with public transit options


Most diverse city in the country, with multiple immigrant communities and food options


Proximity to capital in NYC and easy access to airports

Quality of life

Chilltown is consistently recognized as one of the best places to live in the U.S.

Collaboration over competition.

Step 1: Join

Connect with current members to get invited

Step 2: Learn from others

Attend our workshops and events to learn from our mentors and existing members

Step 3: Find collaborators

Share your projects and find investors and partners


Our executive members are standing tall

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dive into the following questions to gain insights into the power of our community.

Why Calima?

We're the largest secret executive communtiy for latinx and BIPOC founders, investors and operators.

How to get involved?

Connect with a current member to get information about membership and the upcoming plans.

When can I visit?

We're currently scouting locations to open in Q2'24

More information

Find more details about our plans in our real google slides presentation