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La piragua de Guillermo Cubillos

Llegando a las playas de amor en Chimichagua

Llegando a las playas de amor en Chimichagua

Long time ago my grandparents told me about a piragua that navigated the Cesar

It was departing from el Banco, some old port in the love beaches of Chimichagua.

Fighting off the winds it would shake around, but without hesitation it defied the storms with an army of starts following her. Tachonianding the light and the legends it was the piragua from Guillermo Cubillos.

It was the piragua

It has twelve bogas with skin with the color of majagua, and with them you could find the feared Pedro Albundia. At night its fierce cumbia roar would awaken the river spirits. Twelve shadows, now old, don’t remate anymore. The screams of maderamen are not in the ater anymore.

Only some memories on the sand remain, where the piragua sleeps.


Ay, qué rico



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